April 1, 2010
Reviews of Brazil Confidential

Please check out the reviews for "Brazil Confidential" that are coming in and getting posted here on the site (e.g. http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=36015). I'll admit that it's nice to have put so much time, energy, sweat and tears into a project and have people enjoy it -- or even better, to have a sense of having communicated something. As my friend Scott Anderson often says: "I like music!".

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April 10, 2008

Here is a tranlation for the song "Confissao" (by Luiz Ribeiro) from the new CD

In the cold, like in a film about love, the Redeemer was hidden. Embraced by my anguish, clutched my irreverent heart.
But you remained in the path of a God, That no longer climbs the hills, Nor even lives in my eyes, I will never more beg your forgiveness.
But St. Sebastian knows, more than I. Please bring me the cool indifference, that calms the heart.
The sadness of the doubt, will become a prayer, The sea, of faith, cries.
Rio (de Janeiro) of winter, from my window, is your adoration.
Rio (de Janeiro) of June, from the favela returns the loneliness.
Rio of May, just look, it is her, dwelling in the song.
Rio of dreams, the favela kept your heart.

jon gold

May 1, 2010
Free Mp3

Free (pay zero or whatever you like) MP3 download of "Confissão" (vocalise version). Very cinematic! jongold.bandcamp.com